The nostalgic power of Motown music that worked like a magnet to pull together this super troop of fine Halifax performers is guaranteed to pull you in too. Brainchild of the late Leo MacKenzie, the 13-piece Sounds of Motown takes us back to the famed Motown heyday of the ’60s and ’70s, and boy it feels good. Coaxing bodies to the dance floor with favourites from the likes of Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Etta James, The Sounds of Motown is equal parts soothing and electrifying, and much more than a cover band. It takes an unstoppable lineup of performers to do such a legendary set list justice, which is why this band is built around the mammoth voices of genre-spanning vocalist’s Michelle Durling, Sam Moon, Dick Sullivan, Liz Rigney and Jimmy Ralph. The familiar songs will draw you in, the air-tight performances will hook you and the band’s dynamic, fun-loving spirit will stick with you.  (from Halifax Jazz Festival 2014 program) (photo courtesy Stoo Metz) 


Wayne Baker (trumpet)

Garrie Cook (bass)

Michelle Durling (vocals)

Patrick Forde (saxophone)

James Logan (guitar)

Doug McKay (drums)

Neil Mackinnon (piano)

Sam Moon (vocals)

Simon Oakey (trombone)

Liz Rigney (vocals)

Jim Ralph (vocals)

Eric Sproul (trumpet)

Dick Sullivan (vocals)