Dick Sullivan – Vocals

Halifax born, Dick Sullivan, started his musical careeer with The Echoes in 1966 as the rhythm and blues lead singer and keyboard player.  For many years they played the downtown scene at The Surf Club, Lobster Trap, Living End, Rendeveau Club, Snoopys, The Red Fox, Creek Alley and beach parties at Black Rock Beach and The Dingle.  They toured Nova Scotia in 1968.  A job opportunity at Canada Post forced him to put his music on hold.  He rejoined the group when they reunited in 1995 and played at Jazz festivals and The Mic Mac AAC.  In 2008 Leo Mackenzie, lead guitarist for The Echoes, formed The Sounds of Motown, a 14 piece band, and we transitioned to the new group.  Retired soon after and filled in off and on until 2018 when he rejoined as a full-time singer and and is relishing in his lifetime passion for music “grooving”  with his Motown Family.