Neil MacKinnon – Keyboards

Neil MacKinnon from PEI moved to Halifax in 1970, after living and playing with bands from the Pictou/New Glasgow area, to join prog-rock band Turnpike (Terry Hatty). Following that, he spent the next four years playing with the rock horn band Sun Machine through its various lineups including SOM member Wayne Baker, and subsequently joined rock quartet Snakeye (1976).

In 1980 Neil joined, soul singer/songwriter Sam Moon along with current Sounds of Motown drummer Doug Mackay, including Sam Moon’s cross-Canada 1984 tour. The latter 80’s brought The Vice with Scott Ferguson, (later of the Rankins), and Gorilla, a heavy metal cover band.

Neil spent the 90’s decade playing country music with various bands, eventually including Louisa Manuel with whom he formed a still-current piano vocal duo. The 2000’s ushered in a 14- year journey as a founding member of FortyFingers, a versatile rock quartet which eventually found success touring beyond the Maritimes into Ontario.

From 2014 onward Neil has diversified into such projects as the 80’s Metal showband Razorboy and come full circle into his horn band roots with The Sounds of Motown. Neil cites Doug Riley of the 70’s Canadian rock horn band Doctor Music as the greatest influence on his musical career and the musician he admires most.